Sao Paulo Fashion Week Day 2

Pedro Lourenco opened Day 2 of Sao Paulo Fashion Week with a collection of sporty looks with organic/maritime prints mixed with geometric shapes as well as a few metallic looks. Pieces were mostly crop tops, skirts and jackets with a palette of white, black, red, orange and a few looks with olive green. It was a bit sporty for my taste and the collection felt a bit disjointed. Still there were several good pieces in the mix.

Father to Pedro, Reinaldo Lourenco followed with a collection inspired by Florence during the Renaissance. The looks start out luxurious yet basic with vests over basic black turtlenecks and tailored pants, then slowly evolve through historical fashion movements including loud prints, fringe, florals and nods to mod. The collection is chic, well-edited and creative. And check out those ankle boots. Absolute love.

Pat Pat’s showed an urban-inspired collection with well-tailored dresses, jackets and separates with graffiti, leopard, studded leather, mesh, punk rock patches, snake print and camouflage print. The classic silhouettes paired with the sophisticated interpretations of these elements fused to make a surprisingly chic collection for the content. Hats off to Pat Pat’s for pulling that off. Again, check out the booties!

Taking inspiration from ancient Egypt, Lolitta showed a collection full of vibrant, complex prints under almost obi-style sash belts. The collection played with transparency using cutouts, metal rings, perhaps symbolizing piercings, as well as varying textures of knit. The combination of print, cut out and knit textures created an aesthetically exciting collection that really worked.

Giuliana Romanno showed a sensual, slightly dark collection of pieces that played with silhouettes and texture. The opening looks were tight fitting dark monotone dresses in black and midnight blue with high slits, cinched waists and collar necklines. The looks then transitioned to vixen reds and cutouts creating a diamond texture. A sheer dark blue slip dress was a particular favorite, with chevrons subtly woven into the fabric and patent leather striping sparingly used in asymmetric design. The collection then morphed into separates, coats and dresses with more relaxed silhouettes that included elements of more cutout texture, asymmetry and mix of prints and colors. I loved the artistry and feminine sensuality of this collection.

Gisele Bundchen opened and closed the Colcci runway show, which took inspiration from the street styles seen in the big city streets of Paris, New York, London, Tokyo and of course, Sao Paulo. This. show. was. on. point. Creative directors Adriana Zucco and Jeziel Moraes absolutely killed it with this collection of structured dresses with intricate woven designs in rich camel, green and navy tones. Denim took center stage in several looks, with laid back, rolled up boyfriend jeans and a fabulous denim jacket. The knee length boots are just as intricate and breathtaking as the garments themselves. The camel cape over mini dress with black leather belt is a personal favorite, though all of these looks are impeccable. Dear Colcci, I’m a size 4 if you need me to take a few garments off your hands. Alright loves, hope you enjoy these show stoppers as much as I do!


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5 thoughts on “Sao Paulo Fashion Week Day 2

    1. I definitely love those looks – at first, they reminded me of African prints mixed with Japanese obi-style sashes and silhouettes. And then as I dug deeper, I found out it was actually Egyptian-inspired, and then I loved the collection even more. I could only dream to have that level of talent!

  1. Love the Reinaldo Lourenco collection. The fringe trend incorporation and the structured look of the collection is definitely appealing to my sense style. Guiliana Rommano’s collection was also a favorite of mine. I love the dark, contemporary look to it.

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