Theme Park Europe

Such a poignant explanation of the experience many of us have touring Europe. Great read – enjoy!

The Traveller

If you take a “travel” company tour in Europe, as I am at present, you should understand that, when you get off the plane, wherever you get off, you are entering Theme Park Europe, a Disneyland for adults.

Or really, senior citizens, for that’s who most of us are – retirees busy spending their super, or their children’s inheritance (depending how you look at it), on train and boats and buses, viewing great history, great art and great folly.

It’s civilisation at its grandest, and in small, digestible bites.

Dame Edna lives on the Australian tour buses, and Basil Fawlty in the budget hotels with their cramped quarters, inadequate bathrooms and airconditioning, and obvious need for constant maintenance.

And yet why would you not do it, if you have the urge and can raise the price?

Take Venice for example – one vast art gallery. Even if you’re the last…

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