Celeb Style: Reese Witherspoon’s New Label, Draper James

Last Autumn, Reese Witherspoon opened her flag ship store in Nashville to launch her new Southern style company, Draper James. Her fashion line is filled with American southern grace, vintage inspired clothes. Witherspoon has always been a modest dresser, and her new company has definitely pepped up her style game.

Courtesy of Reese Witherspoon / @reesewitherspoon

We’re now seeing Reese constantly photographed in Draper James, and I can’t blame her. I would too if my (imaginary) fashion line was that cute and flattering!

Photo: Paul Costello / Garden & Gun

Not only has she started a fashion label, but Draper James also offers accessories and home interiors as well as personalized gifts as well. If you’re a sucker for the understated classic glam…or you wish it was always 1950’s in Chaaaarleston or Savaaannnnnah, you may want to check out her collections.

Draper James
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK

Here are my personal favorites!

Highlands Halter Bow Dress, $250

Photo: Draper James

Tweed Jacket (No Longer Available)

reese-witherspoon-out-in-nyc-november-2015_1_Celeb Mafia
Photo: Celeb Mafia

Avery Peplum Top, $200

Photo: Draper James

Lucinda Long Peacoat, $450

2F89BDFC00000578-3368255-image-m-11_1450654444512 - Globo - X17online.com
Photo: Globo / x17online.com

Tweed Jacket (No Longer Available)

2F41A5A400000578-3354997-image-m-124_1449791755045 Poersch - AKM - GSI
Photo: Poersch-AKM-GSI

Goergia Windowpane Cape, $395

Photo: Draper James

Hermitage Cardigan, $185

Photo: Draper James

Lynn Lace Panel Dress, $325

Reese-Kacey Musgraves-and-Reba McEntire- Shearer Photo Draper James
Reese Witherspoon in Draper James with Kacey Musgraves and Reba McEntire | Photo: Shearer Photo / Draper James

Tweed Dress (No Longer Available)

reese-witherspoon-Draper-James-Virginia-Tweed-Dress Celeb Style
Photo: Draper James




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