{PFW} The Armani Prive Blue Period

Some great artists have a color period – Pablo Picasso is the one that comes to mind, who had a distinct blue period. So why not Giorgio Armani, a designer known for intricate, artistic creations of such beauty, they are fought for by red carpet celebutantes?


For his Armani Prive collection, the looks flowed softly between periwinkle and mauve in semi-transparent, water-like ruffles seen on shorts, jackets, mini dresses, and skirts. A few sleek moto jacket were paired with leggy skirts and shorts. Even the edgier looks had a soft, flowy vibe to them.

The red carpet looks kept to the same hues, embellished with black beaded trim, linear black fan stripes, and crystal-like sequins and rectangle pieces that glistened in the light. A scalloped beaded slip dress is a standout beauty.


The finale dress was a midnight blue gown with black sequin waves and a black ruffled one-shoulder top. All stunning, and all Armani detailed perfection.



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4 thoughts on “{PFW} The Armani Prive Blue Period

  1. My go to for my daily Couture/RTW fix! Dreamy. Valentino too, right?!😍 And my latest love is Steven Khalil. Can’t wait for the next post!

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