{LFW Fall 16 RTW} Burberry’s Vintage Brit Glam

It definitely feels like the season dedicated to David Bowie – a fitting and timely tribute to the late music icon. Burberry’s Fall 2016 RTW collection certainly seemed to have Bowie in mind with their 70’s Brit glam collection – with a little rock, a little boho mixture that when combined with distinct tailoring, became incredibly chic.

Burberry - Photo Yannis Vlamos - Indigital9

The show started out with several looks in greens and blues. Brilliance was mashing a teal and midnight blue mini dress with a hunter green crocodile trench in a brilliant luster that somehow worked so well.


From there, Burberry seemed to hit every major slice of the color with vivid effect. An imperial collar navy officer’s jacket with large gold buttons over a black metallic fringe dress brought in the current nautical military motif. Then a 70’s floral metallic black-embossed mini dress in lime green and navy with gladiator panels almost knocked me over. From afar, it looks incredibly muted, but up close, it’s a kapow of awe inspiring detail.

The longer looks toyed just a tad with oversized, masculine silhouettes, pairing well with the floral and feminine details. A long navy wool coat piped and stitched in yellow was draped over a tangerine and wine mini dress. (Does anybody else feel like a little sangria, now?) Another gladiator mini dress, this time with burgundy and mustard, embossed in gold with exaggerated Spanish sleeves. The mix of colors is somehow not dizzying, but intense and appealing.




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