{PFW Fall 16 RTW} House of Chanel’s Coco Heritage Collection

Every time Karl Lagerfeld puts on a Chanel runway show, it’s like a vivid, surreal dream experience in which Coco‘s creations keep evolving. The casino, the airport, the zen garden. A Lagerfeld Chanel show is a SHOW. But this season, he pared it back, which really is a relative term. No small, standard runway for that label. The Grand Palais still created a vast, inspiring space where everyone had a front row seat for the heritage style review.

Chanel Set

The focus was placed more on the stunning clearly classic Coco – inspired garments this season, and what an incredible result. The show opened with a study of tweed skirt suits in shades of pink – watermelon, coral, and magenta. The looks were complimented with Wellington boots in matching fabric and layers of long Chanel pearls.

The looks soon evolved through a quick foray in plaid before heading toward more muted color palettes, showcasing gorgeous details in gold and metallic stitching. A beige quilt coat was embellished at the cuffs with cream flowers with a matching scarf. I am equally in love with a puckered sleeve pink crop top over a drop waist skirt with black leather piping.

The show ended in white lace dresses with tiered ruffles, princess puff sleeves, and tied black ribbons and lace through belting. An absolutely divine collection, and the perfect amount of feminine details paired with utility Ms. Coco was known to love.



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