{Bridal Spring 2017} Naeem Khan’s Alluring India

I love when a fusion of cultures culminates in stunning, wearable garments. When it comes from the outside looking in, it can feel so much like a costume. Who better to channel the exotic elements of India than someone who was born there and views the culture as his own – Naeem Khan? He brought strong elements into his Spring 2017 bridal collection from his native country, with the intricate embroidery, vibrant color, and floral appliques.

Naeem Khan - Photo by Dan Lecca - Courtesy of Vogue - The Luxe Lookbook13

This is perhaps, the best collection of the season I’ve seen thus far. Not only did he expertly design incredible looks bridging fresh modernity of western brides with the intricate traditional and exotic India, but he also showed a vast breadth of concepts and silhouettes.

Actually, if this were a standard runway, I’d be complaining of no cohesion. Yet in bridal, I love the variety like the double tiered ballet skirt, the fringe mini dress for the eloping bride hitting Vegas, or the lace jumpsuit with a plunge neck for the trend riding fashionista.

What I find incredibly energizing and exciting about Naeem Khan is that he is this rare combination of impeccable taste, attention to detail, yet he also has an incredible variety of ideas. You usually see designers focus only two or three major concepts per season, tweaking here or there in a variety of like pieces. Then they can focus on the details of each piece. Khan is able to focus on all of these incredibly different concepts, and then get every tiny little detail perfect. And oh, he adds so many little intricate details. It’s amazing to see, and it is so rare. Naeem. If you ever have a throw away piece…I’m your girl.  😉




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