{Resort 2017} Chanel in Cuba

It was quite the gamble Karl Lagerfeld took in choosing Havana, Cuba as the open air stage of Chanel’s Resort 2017 collection runway. With Cuba’s history of strained relations with France, as well as the juxtaposition of such a high-priced luxury brand in a city stricken with poverty, things could take an ugly turn for Chanel’s PR. But if it turned out to be a success, what an epic way to make history. Coco’s legacy making history yet again.

Chanel - Photo by Jonas Gustavsson - Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook.jpg

Lagerfeld didn’t stop just with the choice of physical location. The resort collection was a mashup of the best the two cultures have to offer, and overall a success it was. Intricate Parisian sheer chiffon and lacework paired with classic A-line ankle length breezy silhouettes of Havana. The panama hat mixed well with the beret (which said Che just as much as it did Pierre). If only there had been a raspberry beret to pay an extra homage while they were at it.

I thought some of the most interesting and successful looks were the heritage tweed suits with thrift store style tees underneath. It created this great balance between haute and grunge that I’ve actually really been enjoying lately.

Yes, it has to room to go cheesy pretty fast, and a few of these skirt the line, but they don’t go over the edge. They just push it and for me, land right in that night little warm nostalgia zone that makes me want to buy, wear, and bask in a warm tropical breeze.

With the tees, the wide array of flats, and the cottons and knit fabrics, and the island locale, Karl Lagerfeld’s message was clear: the resort 2017 season is all about taking it easy and relaxing. Check, noted. If I must.



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