{SOTD} Blue Suede Elephant Smoking Slippers

I’m glad to see that the C. Wonder label has been resurrected. Unfortunately, I discovered their brand just before they were liquidated several years ago. After that, I was searching for a great smoking slipper flat, and I kept getting haunted by adorable C. Wonder shoes that popped up in my search as no longer available. Such a cruel joke.

But recently out of nowhere, the brand came back, this time with creative director Brad Goreski at the helm! Oh you know he’s not going to let the brand go down. So I picked up a pair of these adorable elephant blue suede smoking slippers. And I’m pretty much in love. They’re so comfy, and I want to live in them.

C Wonder Flats - The Luxe Lookbook1

C Wonder Flats - The Luxe Lookbook

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