{Fall 16 Couture} Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is known for creating dreamlike backdrops for his runway shows, and the Fall 16 Couture show was perhaps the apex for most Chanel fans who were there to witness it. Lagerfeld actually flew in the ateliers and their workshops in which the magic of Chanel is made, and gave Chanel coveteurs a chance to witness – during a live runway couture show – the actual process of making couture clothing. Apparently, there was nothing staged about it. He instructed the ateliers to continue their work just as they had back in their actual shop. Um, what?! What an incredible jaw-on-the-floor moment!

Chanel - Photo credit - Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook
Chanel – Photo credit – Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv

Visuals of this runway were precise and alluring, as the collection began in angular shoulders, mimicking the viral inspo trend sunglasses we’ve been seeing all over social media lately.

It wouldn’t be a Chanel collection without a study in tweed, and this season, Lagerfeld not only played with angular shoulders, but also worked a lot of cropped wide leg pants, rounded high-low pseudo-mini skirts, and a fabulous tiered pencil skirt.

As the show evolved, so too did the fabrics and silhouettes. necklines started to become softer and rounded, including one look that brought a sculptural off-the-shoulder high up the neck almost touching the chin in a black striped pencil number.

Nearing the end of the show, the crescendo is clearly marked. Embroidered floral crops were met with plisse skirts and A-lines. Rounded shoulders and hemlines meet ruched duchess satin in sherbert tones.

And then? The final note. The Bride of Chanel. In a cropped pant suit. But then I saw the back, and it got better.



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8 thoughts on “{Fall 16 Couture} Chanel

      1. I have been using Chanel makeup for years another classic once you put in on in the morning you never have to retouch it again. Love

      2. That reminds me. I attended an event the other day, and showed up with perfect looking makeup. Got a few compliments and I was feeling really good about myself, but then the event moved outdoors (unexpectedly) in hot, humid weather. My mid-grade makeup literally started melting away. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one…but I don’t want that to ever be me again. So now that I’m reading this, Chanel is in my sights!

      3. Try it . Granted hot and humid is bad but even in that weather Chanel has great makeup. The shadows last forever. Go to someone good and have them do your makeup at Chanel and granted you will love the line I even love the nail polish I use on my pedicures! Lol

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