{Celeb Style} Hailey Baldwin in Letterman Jacket 

Hailey Baldwin skipped out on more Halloween festivities the other night to go attend a Knicks game. And the girl was looking on point. She wore a black varsity jacket with yellow caution stripes down the sleeves and W’s on both sides of the chest. She matched that with pale wash denim with yellow stripes down the sides and a pair of black lace-up platform ankle boots.

The Look ~ Jacket // Bag

There’s a difference between the bomber and the letterman, even though some companies (especially the overseas fast fashion ones) are now lumping them all together.

The bomber originated with the military- the aviators that wore the nylon jackets in olive drab or brown with stretch cuffs and bottoms. This eventually became a fashion trend, and has made a major resurgence this season.

The letterman or varsity jacket looks similar, but usually has a more fibrous material and more importantly, have a school or collegiate affiliation of some sort – usually the first letter of the name of the school. It became a trend for girls to wear these in the 50’s and early 60’s when guys would give their girlfriends their letterman jackets that they earned from being on the school football team or similar sport.

So now you can throw out the right terms for the right jacket…if anybody cares! 😉



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