{Celeb Style} Britney Spears: Everything’s coming up roses

Britney Spears just posted a peek at her latest shoot on instagram, saying #Current Mood: Feeling good about 2017… 😃🌟  

David Roemer: Instagram

Plus the singer insta-announced her newest guy, Sam Asghari (her personal trainer) in a pic showing the pair getting cozy at celeb hotspot Catch LA. She’s not the only celeb to have been swept off her feet by her trainer lately. Recently, Hilary Duff dated her personal trainer, Jason Walsh. And really, it makes sense that romantic feelings would happen in some of these situations. Trainers see the best and worst moments of people as they struggle to get (or maintain) where they need to be, and clients end up developing a lot of trust in their trainers. They share what they’re going through, life’s challenges, and surely a close bond can come out of that.


For the shoot she wore a fun sheer dress with large popout roses and embroidery on a silhouette that obviously shows she’s been working hard lately. No New Year’s resolutions needed for that girl! So happy for her – it’s good to see her looking and feeling so good!

David Roemer: Instagram

The Look ~ Dress: Dolce & Gabbana




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