{Luxe Edit} Madonna for Harper’s Bazaar Feb 2017

Madonna is gracing the cover of the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar hitting racks in February, and this is going to be a copy you want to pick up! The woman is legendary, an icon in her own right. And the fact that she is still crushing it on the tour stages as well as in front of the camera speaks volumes to Madonna’s #ladyboss mentality. But it’s also Harper Bazaar’s 150th anniversary collector’s edition, and some of the imagery is just flawless.

Luigi and lango for Harper’s Bazaar

The Look ~ Dress: Alberta Ferretti // Necklace: Erickson Beamon // Bracelet New York Vintage headband; Madonna’s own bracelet (bottom)


Madonna wore a lot of vintage in a sensual, dark spread with corsetry, garter belts and stockings, feather boas, a fabulous sheer cape…you know, her everyday attire.

Luigi and lango for Harper’s Bazaar

The Look ~ Dress: Marc Jacobs // Shoes: Marc Jacobs // Stockings: Wolford // Mask: Maison Close // Gloves: Dries Van Noten // Ring: Dries Van Noten


In the interview, she talked about her latest projects, including her upcoming film Loved, in which she co-wrote the screenplay and will be directing the film. There’s not much she isn’t willing to take on…including politics, a topic many in her field of entertainment consider taboo. But Madonna has never been one to attempt to avoid the taboo or live up to other’s expectations. In fact, she embraces empowerment and raising her voice. So…Mr. Trump is in her site posts, and shots were fired during the interview. I wonder how long it will take him to pick up on this story, and how soon he will feverishly begin tweeting about it?

Luigi and lango for Harper’s Bazaar

The Look ~ Bodice: La Perla // Briefs: La Perla // Cape: Rosamosario // Suspender Belt: I.D. Sarrieri // Stockings: Maison Close // Rings: Mordekai by Ken Borochov


See the full feature and interview here!




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4 thoughts on “{Luxe Edit} Madonna for Harper’s Bazaar Feb 2017

      1. I agree! She’s an absolute icon, without depending on autotune technology or other record label gimmicks to get her there. I miss that kind of authenticity!

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