{Style Review} This Week’s Celeb Fashion Fails

This week, we had a few style oh no’s with celebs walking out of their houses with apparently not looking in their mirrors. Some of these celebs have better track records than this…but oh girl. These are some fails.

Khloe Kardashian ~ Jacket: Ashish // Pants: Ashish // Sandals: Givenchy (here and here) // Bag: Gucci

Athleisure, athluxury, whatever you want to call it…this major trend has its limits. When you look like Liberace, it’s time to pare it back. If you’re going to go for sequins, put it in one piece. Those sequin joggers are killer, but pair them with a different bomber like matte blue or black, and no fluffy fur sandals. Just way too much staccato going on here, Khloe.


Bella Hadid ~ Bag: Stella McCartney (here and here)

I love the rocker look, and Bella Hadid was almost rocking it, even with the Pretty Woman hat. But she failed to size her pants properly and ended up with the dreaded camel toe…and it’s bunching and gathering oddly around her legs. Love the bag. Love the boots. Can’t handle the pant size.


Gabrielle Union ~ Coat: Dion Lee // Jeans: J Brand (here and here) // Shoes: Pierre Hardy (similar here and here)

The silhouette of the coat isn’t the problem (hey, it gets cold in NYC!) – it’s the color combo. We all know this is far from a timeless look, and if she doesn’t regret it already, she’s going to in 5 years.


Kendall Jenner ~ Jacket: Re/done // Boots: Yeezy // Bag: Versace (here and here) // Sunglasses: Linda Farrow

Old school 80’s light wash denim jacket and brown velvet pullstring pants. Kendall hits some high highs, but this is one of her lows. The high point of the outfit is definitely those boots, but even they don’t look as great as they could because of the rest of the outfit.


Kirstie Alley

Size up those pants and get rid of those shoes!


Keke Palmer

There’s cute and sexy, and then there’s looking like a street walker. When people might get it twisted, and are confused about whether you are open for business, it’s no longer cute and sexy.




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