{Luxe Year in Review} The Best of 2016

So this year wasn’t too kind to us as a collective group. We lost some of our most beloved artists and celebrities like Prince, David Bowie, and Carrie Fisher; regardless of political affiliations, most Americans feel like we all lost in the presidential elections; Brexit happened to our fellow UK friends across the pond; the Zika virus took many hostage; hostilities climaxed in police shootings and civil unrest; terror attacks across the globe; Syria; and somehow we still haven’t managed to lose Kanye West.


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{Holiday Cheer} Best Holiday Lights in NYC

New York City is arguably one of the most magical places to be during the holiday season, especially at night with all the twinkle lights, bundled up with a hot cocoa or cider in hand. I’m pretty much in love with that city, and there’s no better time to visit than right now to see all of these gorgeous holiday displays.

Rockefeller Center


Pretty much the heart of Christmas for the city, Rockefeller Center is the location of New York City’s official Christmas tree. Or holiday tree. Whatever you celebrate. So of course, this area is going to be decked out in decorations, and is definitely a great place to kick the night off. Plus there’s ice skating, and who wouldn’t want to slide around on ice, squealing with your heart pounding, hoping you don’t fall with a bunch of strangers?! Yeah, I’m totally up for that. Count me in!

Winter Village at Bryant Park

Winter Village at Bryant Park - Bryant Park Blog - The Luxe Lookbook.jpg
Bryant Park Blog

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Kimpton Vacation 3-Night Stay Giveaway

Head over to The Luxe Lookbook Facebook page to find out how to enter Kimpton‘s 3-night stay luxury vacation getaway, plus other great prizes including the Kimpton bed, zebra sheets, bath products, and more. The contest is open for a limited time!

Courtesy of Kimpton

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Luxe Travel: Turks and Caicos Islands Top 5 Luxury Resorts

Perhaps one of the least known, but most laid back luxurious island getaways, Turks and Caicos is a perfect travel destination for those who want full access to amenities and the pampered experience without being overcrowded by too many tourists.

Gracy Bay - Courtesy of turksandcaicostourism.com - The Luxe Lookbook

My favorite island getaway destination thus far, I first experienced Turks and Caicos as a teenager, and I can definitely say it was life changing. I fell so deeply in love with the islands that I threatened to chain myself to a tree rather than get on the plane to leave. I planned to snorkel and spearfish to make a living, and I’d live the bohemian poet life.

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Luxing it up Disney Style

I have to admit – there was nothing enticing about a trip to Disney World in my eyes. Yes, I would love for the kiddos to have an amazing and draining experience full of wonder and overpriced toys and tiaras. Is my fake smile wide enough to be convincing yet?

Ok, so it’s not my idea of excitement. But if you’re going to take your kiddos, here are a few tips to make it just as good for you as it is for them.

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{Luxe Travel} 5 of the Top Luxury Resorts in Singapore

Voted the best place to travel in 2015, Singapore is the destination in which almost any traveler would fall in love. It offers the shopping, cultural fare and fabulous food scene of a major metropolis, while also indulging those seeking a more relaxing pace with its gorgeous coastlines, rain forest and natural reserve.

Here are five of the top luxury accommodations for your next amazing Singapore travel adventure….

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