{Model Style} Miranda Kerr just teamed up with Mother Denim to create this vintage vibe collection

Miranda Kerr has teamed up with Mother denim as the latest model-celebrity to design her own collection. But this isn’t just about making cute clothes…Miranda x Mother is donating proceeds from the collection to The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation in Australia. The campaign is centered around the care of newborn and premature babies in the hospital’s Newborn Care Centre.

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{Luxe Year in Review} The Best of 2016

So this year wasn’t too kind to us as a collective group. We lost some of our most beloved artists and celebrities like Prince, David Bowie, and Carrie Fisher; regardless of political affiliations, most Americans feel like we all lost in the presidential elections; Brexit happened to our fellow UK friends across the pond; the Zika virus took many hostage; hostilities climaxed in police shootings and civil unrest; terror attacks across the globe; Syria; and somehow we still haven’t managed to lose Kanye West.


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{Fall 16 Couture} Zuhair Murad

When Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is playing, you know the energy of the collection is going to be high. Infused with the ’70’s vibe, Zuhair Murad‘s Fall 2016 Couture collection broke out of the princess shimmer gown stereotype and went a little rocker, a little hippie chic, and a little Gustav Klimt art piece.

Zuhair Murad - Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook7
Zuhair Murad – Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

The base looks were very much house Murad, with sheer skintight embroidered body silhouette gowns, jumpsuits, a caftan, mini dresses, and a stunning bridal gown to close the show. The vintage 70’s vibe was infused with ruffled hemlines over thigh high boots, velvet capes, dipped down cartwheel hats, and intricate macrame embroideries.

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{Steal Her Style} Heidi Klum Does 7 Trends in 1 Chic Outfit

Heidi Klum was out and about recently in NYC wearing this chic combination of flattering trends – the high waist1 striped2 palazzo3, which elongates your silhouette and the crop top4 peplum5 double v-neck6, which looks great on any body shape. And of course, she worse the ever trendy Saint Laurent Candy chunky heel sandal7. Love!

So this is definitely a steal her style look! Plus most of the pieces are on amazing sales right now, so…I couldn’t even do a luxe look for less post if I wanted to. Score!

Heidi Klum - Photo credit-hawtcelebs.com
Heidi Klum – Photo credit-hawtcelebs.com

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{Fall 16 Couture} Valentino

With Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri as the dynamic duo at the helm of the Valentino fashion house, the runway shows have always been a bit magical. Not so much because of lavish settings or props, but because of the high culture for the inspirations of their collections. You are immersed in the society that Piccioli and Chiuri have either dreamed up, or are emulating through their designs, and with their strict and exacting detail coupled with their romantic aesthetic, the result is intoxicating.

Valentino - Photo Credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook7
Valentino – Photo Credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

This year, the Fall 2016 Couture collection celebrates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death through Elizabethan period inspiration. There were puffed sleeves, lace up vests, high white ruffs, cleric’s robes, cinched bodices, doublets, brocades, and lattice work.

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{Fall 16 Couture} Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is known for creating dreamlike backdrops for his runway shows, and the Fall 16 Couture show was perhaps the apex for most Chanel fans who were there to witness it. Lagerfeld actually flew in the ateliers and their workshops in which the magic of Chanel is made, and gave Chanel coveteurs a chance to witness – during a live runway couture show – the actual process of making couture clothing. Apparently, there was nothing staged about it. He instructed the ateliers to continue their work just as they had back in their actual shop. Um, what?! What an incredible jaw-on-the-floor moment!

Chanel - Photo credit - Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook
Chanel – Photo credit – Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv

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{OOTD} Tangerine Dream

I’ve been loving the off-the-shoulder trend lately and decided to try it out with popping tangerine. With such a pale complexion, I typically go for blues, greens, and of course, the tried and true blacks and greys. But this time, I decided to go for the orange, and you know what? I actually really like it!

Luxe in Orange OTS Top Beauty - The Luxe Lookbook

The Look ~ BB Cream // Eye Liner // Contour // Concealer // Lip Color

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{Fall 16 Couture} Dior

Citing Dior’s 1947 New Look Bar jacket as principle inspiration for its Fall 16 couture collection, Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, interim designers for the fashion house, chose the perfect note to exit on. If rumors are true then it’s Maria Grazia Chiuri of Valentino who is heading over to become the new artistic director of Dior. As for now, if this is in fact the duo’s last collection as interim head designers, what a way to go.

Christian Dior - Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook2
Christian Dior – Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

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