{Fall 16 Couture} Zuhair Murad

When Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is playing, you know the energy of the collection is going to be high. Infused with the ’70’s vibe, Zuhair Murad‘s Fall 2016 Couture collection broke out of the princess shimmer gown stereotype and went a little rocker, a little hippie chic, and a little Gustav Klimt art piece.

Zuhair Murad - Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook7
Zuhair Murad – Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

The base looks were very much house Murad, with sheer skintight embroidered body silhouette gowns, jumpsuits, a caftan, mini dresses, and a stunning bridal gown to close the show. The vintage 70’s vibe was infused with ruffled hemlines over thigh high boots, velvet capes, dipped down cartwheel hats, and intricate macrame embroideries.

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{Fall 16 Couture} Valentino

With Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri as the dynamic duo at the helm of the Valentino fashion house, the runway shows have always been a bit magical. Not so much because of lavish settings or props, but because of the high culture for the inspirations of their collections. You are immersed in the society that Piccioli and Chiuri have either dreamed up, or are emulating through their designs, and with their strict and exacting detail coupled with their romantic aesthetic, the result is intoxicating.

Valentino - Photo Credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook7
Valentino – Photo Credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

This year, the Fall 2016 Couture collection celebrates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death through Elizabethan period inspiration. There were puffed sleeves, lace up vests, high white ruffs, cleric’s robes, cinched bodices, doublets, brocades, and lattice work.

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{Fall 16 Couture} Elie Saab

With a Madison Avenue store set to open in 2017, it was New York as Elie Saab’s muse for his Fall 16 Couture collection, which was chock full of sheer Saab staples, but a few new surprises as well.

Elie Saab - Photo credit-Kim Weston Arnold-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook2
Elie Saab – Photo credit-Kim Weston Arnold-Indigital.tv

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{Fall 16 Couture} Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is known for creating dreamlike backdrops for his runway shows, and the Fall 16 Couture show was perhaps the apex for most Chanel fans who were there to witness it. Lagerfeld actually flew in the ateliers and their workshops in which the magic of Chanel is made, and gave Chanel coveteurs a chance to witness – during a live runway couture show – the actual process of making couture clothing. Apparently, there was nothing staged about it. He instructed the ateliers to continue their work just as they had back in their actual shop. Um, what?! What an incredible jaw-on-the-floor moment!

Chanel - Photo credit - Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook
Chanel – Photo credit – Alessandro Garofalo-Indigital.tv

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{Fall 16 Couture} Dior

Citing Dior’s 1947 New Look Bar jacket as principle inspiration for its Fall 16 couture collection, Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, interim designers for the fashion house, chose the perfect note to exit on. If rumors are true then it’s Maria Grazia Chiuri of Valentino who is heading over to become the new artistic director of Dior. As for now, if this is in fact the duo’s last collection as interim head designers, what a way to go.

Christian Dior - Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook2
Christian Dior – Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

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{Fall 16 Couture} Alberta Ferretti

The focal point was dreamy movement in Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 16 Couture collection, and to this end, there was a plethora of vintage vibed fringe, beading, pearls, and flowing silks wafting through the halls of her Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré shop.

Alberta Ferretti - Photo credit-Marcus Tondo-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook3
Alberta Ferretti – Photo credit-Marcus Tondo-Indigital.tv

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{Fall 2016 Couture} Atelier Versace

An incredible departure from Donatella Versace’s house signatures of ultra sexy, amped up embroideries, and logos, the Atelier Fall 16 Couture collection showed powerful pieces that showed off the house’s softer side, with draping, tailoring, and sculpting. The show opened in stellar drama, with Karen Elson in a cinched waist blush cashmere coat lined in mint, with one lapel falling off the shoulder, revealing a scarlet bustier gown underneath.

Atelier Versace - Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook
Atelier Versace – Photo credit-Yannis Vlamos-Indigital.tv

Versace started with rich and unusual color combinations in crimson, blush, lavendar, grey, and sky blue with mostly long silhouettes, building sculptural and draping details to create long, arcing shapes around the female form.

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{Luxe Celeb Style} Kristen Stewart in Chanel at Cannes 2016

I must say, Kristen Stewart has been rocking the Chanel this week at Cannes. Karl Lagerfeld’s new vision on the luxury brand, while creating a large portion of vintage-inspired looks, the brand will also be steering  toward a younger clientele with a more relaxed grunge t-shirt vibe paired with the fashion house’s staple luxury tweed skirts and jackets.

The new image is smart, fresh, and much more relaxed. And I have to imagine that as our culture evolves, so too would Coco want our clothes to reflect it. And Kristen Stewart is a good face to represent the transition.

The Looks

Kristen Stewart in Chanel skirt and Christian Louboutin heels - Photo Credit AFP - The Luxe Lookbook
Kristen Stewart in Chanel skirt and Christian Louboutin heels – Photo Credit AFP

Get the Look ~ Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar here and here)

Kristen Stewart in Chanel - Photo credit WireImage - The Luxe Lookbook
Kristen Stewart in Chanel – Photo credit WireImage

Get the Look ~ Skirt: Barrie // Shoes: Vans

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{Resort 2017} Chanel in Cuba

It was quite the gamble Karl Lagerfeld took in choosing Havana, Cuba as the open air stage of Chanel’s Resort 2017 collection runway. With Cuba’s history of strained relations with France, as well as the juxtaposition of such a high-priced luxury brand in a city stricken with poverty, things could take an ugly turn for Chanel’s PR. But if it turned out to be a success, what an epic way to make history. Coco’s legacy making history yet again.

Chanel - Photo by Jonas Gustavsson - Indigital.tv - The Luxe Lookbook.jpg

Lagerfeld didn’t stop just with the choice of physical location. The resort collection was a mashup of the best the two cultures have to offer, and overall a success it was. Intricate Parisian sheer chiffon and lacework paired with classic A-line ankle length breezy silhouettes of Havana. The panama hat mixed well with the beret (which said Che just as much as it did Pierre). If only there had been a raspberry beret to pay an extra homage while they were at it.

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{Bridal Spring 2017} Naeem Khan’s Alluring India

I love when a fusion of cultures culminates in stunning, wearable garments. When it comes from the outside looking in, it can feel so much like a costume. Who better to channel the exotic elements of India than someone who was born there and views the culture as his own – Naeem Khan? He brought strong elements into his Spring 2017 bridal collection from his native country, with the intricate embroidery, vibrant color, and floral appliques.

Naeem Khan - Photo by Dan Lecca - Courtesy of Vogue - The Luxe Lookbook13

This is perhaps, the best collection of the season I’ve seen thus far. Not only did he expertly design incredible looks bridging fresh modernity of western brides with the intricate traditional and exotic India, but he also showed a vast breadth of concepts and silhouettes.

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